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Seasoned Hardwood Logs in Maidstone, Kent, UK, Logs for Sale in Maidstone and Mid Kent

  • Welcome to Logs Maidstone

Logs Maidstone is dedicated to supplying the best possible logs for the domestic and retail market. We specifically only use the finest grades of hardwood logs.

Our logs consist predominantly of ash logs.

As we all know this is considered the finest of all the tree species as the best burning species available.

We only supply hardwood logs in our loads.

Other logs you may find in one of our loads other than mainly ash is oak, beech, birch and hornbeam.

As you can see we only supply logs with the highest calorific content

We have been using Logs Maidstone for several years now after trying a number of different log suppliers with varied success. However since using Logs Maidstone we have stuck with them because the quality of the logs is great. The woodburner starts every time and the size of logs is just perfect.

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